The Arts

Creativity is always encouraged here at the Club. In the Arts and Crafts Room our members engage in many different kinds artistic endeavors including but not limited to bead work, creating necklaces and bracelets, drawing, painting, coloring, and other special projects created using anything from construction paper to recyclable household items. We also have workshops during the after school and summer programs that encourage and assist members with their painting technique by examining and mimicking famous pieces of art. In addition to the above, our club also features Performance Art lessons. Here children learn basic acting skills through game play, role play, and improvisation. These skills can not only tap into hidden talents but build confidence and self-esteem. It can also provide a solid foundation for all instances of public speaking and communication in the future. The Club hosts art shows where members enter their own unique artistic creations that are put on display here at the Club for the community to see. We also utilize the Arts and Crafts room for our Project Learn program by creating arts and crafts projects that also help us learn math and language arts concepts.

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